All great musicians have one thing in common: perfect timing.

HeyDrummer is a smartphone app that helps you improve your timing by practicing and jamming with tempo adjustable drum tracks instead of a boring metronome.

It's is super easy to use. You don't need to buy expensive drum software or learn how to program drum tracks. Just open the app, choose a drum track and start your practice session or simply jam along.

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Key features

  • Speed up or slow down all drum tracks as you like without sound degradation
  • Adjust the length of the drum tracks to what you want to play
  • Keep an overview with a visual metronome and a visualization of the song structure including the currently active bar
  • Get counted in before the drum track starts
  • Filter drum tracks by genre, feel, tempo, and time signature
  • Mark your favorite drum tracks to easily find them again
  • Small app size (including all drum tracks)
  • Wide variety of genres: Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Country, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Disco, Hip Hop, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban
  • Studio quality drum sound
  • Includes an audio unit extension (AUv3) for use in apps like GarageBand, AUM, Audiobus, and other audio unit host apps (iOS only)
  • Dark mode support

HeyDrummer in action

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iOS (iPhone & iPad)

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HeyDrummer (iOS & Android)
Dec 2023

Version 3.0 adds many new rock drum tracks, a new genre "Pop" and a completely new, much more efficient audio engine that saves battery power.

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HeyDrummer (iOS & Android)
Sep 2023

Version 2.3 adds polyrhythms and refines the sound of the drum kit.

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Room Reverb
Aug 2023

Version 1.1 is a maintenance only release.

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HeyDrummer (iOS & Android)
Aug 2023

Starting with version 2.2, HeyDrummer offers a 7-day free trial!

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HeyDrummer (iOS & Android)
Jul 2023

With version 2.0, you can adjust the length of all drum tracks, jump to the next drum fill, or stop playback after the current cycle. In addition, the audio unit extension (AUv3) has been completely redesigned (iOS only).